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    LINQ Query Pane
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    The LINQ query pane is a very handy way to build and test LINQ queries against a simple Entity Framework model.  It generates a default entity model from your database for you to write queries against.

    This is experimental functionality and will be refined in future releases of VistaDB.

    Generate a Model

    By default the dialog is grayed out until you generate a model. The code shown will still be present once the model is generated.

    Click the Generate Model button to have Data Builder call the EDMGEN tool and build a default model for the current database. The default is to output one type per table. This is the same as if you add a new model to your application and accept all the defaults. If any errors occur during the generation of the model they will be output in the Log window at the bottom of the screen.

    When to generate a model

    Each time Data Builder loads you will have to regenerate the model.  The models are kept loaded after the initial generation. If you make schema or foreign key changes you should regenerate the model in order for the changes to be present in the model.

    How to view the current model

    The current model is displayed on the second tab (after a model has been generated).

    See the Entity Model topic for more information.

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