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    Developer's Guide - Logging to Loupe
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    The easiest way to capture diagnostic information from VistaDB is to use the Loupe Agent for VistaDB which ships with VistaDB.  This agent is designed to extend the free Loupe Agent which is a diagnostic black box for any .NET application.

     Step One: Add the Loupe Agent for VistaDB

    In one assembly in your application where you have a reference to the VistaDB Engine add the corresponding Loupe Agent for VistaDB.  For the correct assembly name, see Deploying VistaDB with your Application.

     Step Two: Add the Loupe Agent

    To compile your application you will need to add the Loupe Agent to the same assembly that you added the reference to the Loupe Agent for VistaDB. 

    The best way to add a reference to the Loupe Agent is via NuGet.  This will get you the latest version of the Agent and not require anything be installed locally to compile your application. 

    Alternately, you can Download Loupe, install it, and then add a reference to the Agent from it's SDK. 

     Step Three: Register the Loupe Agent for VistaDB
    Pick one place in your application - typically near where you initialize the Loupe Agent - to register the Loupe Agent for VistaDB with the VistaDB Engine.  Call the Register Method to have the Agent for VistaDB connect up to the VistaDB Engine.  This only has to be done once per process but it is safe to call multiple times (it automatically protects against multiple registrations).

    Once this is done events will automatically be recorded by Loupe as they happen in the VistaDB engine alongside all of the other information captured by Loupe. 

    For more information on the extensive application diagnostic capabilities of Loupe see OnLoupe.Com.

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