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    The Easiest To Deploy SQL Database for .NET

    Microsoft has worked hard to make .NET and SQL Server a powerful combination - and VistaDB brings that capability to a small, easy to deploy package.  Instead of having to ship a large installation which has to be set up independently for your application to work you can just ship 2 MB of extra assemblies with your .NET application.  It's easy to make applications that start with VistaDB and scale up with SQL Server, all from a common codebase.

    Works with Anything built on ADO.NET

    Think of all the things built on top of ADO.NET - not just your application but reporting systems, ORMs, and other data-driven libraries for .NET.  You can use all of these in your application with our easy to deploy, cross-platform database engine.

    Compared to Other Managed Database Engines..

    Compared to Microsoft SQL Server..

    Lets Get Started!

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    Add VistaDB to your application in minutes

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