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    How does VistaDB work?
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    VistaDB is a completely self-contained SQL database engine that does not rely on other products or technologies to manage databases.

    The core data management functionality is contained within a single managed assembly that implements the ADO.NET 2 specification as a provider factory. Our database assembly requires the .NET 4.5.1 runtime to operate.

    The Entity Framework (EF) provider is implemented in a separate managed assembly that implements the ADO.NET Entity Framework extensions. The provider extends the VistaDB engine and requires .NET 4.0 or later.

    The VistaDB assembly consists of 4 namespaces:

    Namespace Description
    VistaDB Namespace Core data engine provides low-level data management and high-speed data access
    SQL Server 2005 compatible query processor supports T-SQL syntax
    VistaDB.Provider Namespace ADO.NET Data Provider is fully ADO.NET compliant (.NET 2.0 and later supported)
    VistaDB.DDA Namespace Direct Data Access Objects (DDA) provide object-based live scrollable cursors
    VistaDB.Diagnostic Namespace Provides integrated exception handling and error reporting

    VistaDB includes several native ADO.NET Data Provider components including VistaDBDataAdapter and VistaDBDataReader. Developers use the VistaDB ADO.NET Data Provider components to build.NET applications and these components in turn interface transparently with the VistaDB core data engine.

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