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VistaDB / Introduction - Why VistaDB?
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    Introduction - Why VistaDB?
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    The SQL Server Capabilities You Need

    VistaDB delivers an unprecedented level of compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server in an assembly built entirely in .NET.  You get the SQL Server features you really want for your application in a small, extraordinarily portable database - no installation required!

    Without Any of the Deployment Headaches

    VistaDB is a single assembly you just copy along with your .NET application - no installation required, no administrator access, no complications!

    Deep SQL Server Compatibility

    Our mission with VistaDB is to satisfy all the reasons developers like to use SQL Server in a way that removes all of the deployment challenges and expenses that come along with SQL Server.  That means:

    Visual Studio Integration

    VistaDB is fully integrated with Visual Studio including:

    And a Management Studio

    VistaDB has Data Builder - a complete, stand-alone management tool for database administration that'll make any SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) user feel right at home. 

    Already Using Microsoft SQL Server?

    Adding support for VistaDB is easy and lets you scale down for demo versions, single user, and small workgroups - all the cases where you want to eliminate any IT complexity for your application.  We've made it easy with:

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