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    Zero Config deployment
    In This Topic

    Zero config deployment makes it easy to distribute your applications to any .NET 2 through .NET 4 machine. To deploy your applications, simply include the VistaDB managed assembly with your application. Or, for a truly embedded solution, use Microsoft's ILMerge utility to fully embed the VistaDB assembly directly into your EXE or DLL. VistaDB adds less than 1 MB to your .NET application, which makes VistaDB a fantastic database solution for building applications to be distributed over the Internet or included on flash devices.

    Simple Desktop Deployment

    Simply deploy the VistaDB runtime with your .NET applications and that's it!

    ASP.Net deployment

    To deploy an ASP.NET application, FTP the VistaDB runtimes you use (the main DLL, the web DLL for membership providers, and the entities DLL for EF support) to your web site's \Bin folder, and upload your database files to App_Data.

    Provider Factories

    If you are using provider factories you will need to tell the application where to get the factory object.
    Your web.config or app.config will need the DbProviderFactory entries if you load the database using provider factories.
    See the app.config and web.config topic for more information.


    For more information view the online page with information about zero configuration databases.

    In order to use zero config and no external .config file for your app or web application you must add a reference to VistaDB in your project. You cannot use Provider Factories for dynamic loading of the provider unless you tell the machine where to get the provider.

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