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    Table Variable Example
    In This Topic
    Tables as a variable live only for the life of the single execution syntax and are automatically cleaned up. There is no need to drop this type of table.
    Table Variable Example
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    PRINT 'Test Table Variable';
    DECLARE @CustomersTemp TABLE (
    ID int,
    CustomerName varchar(30),
    City varchar(50),
    State varchar(50)
    INSERT INTO @CustomersTemp (ID, CustomerName, City, State)
    SELECT    *
    FROM    customers
    WHERE    state = 'florida';
    declare @tvprows int;
    set @tvprows = select count(id) from @CustomersTemp;
    print 'Table variable contains:';
    print @tvprows;
    -- No need to drop the temp table here because it is a table variable
    -- It will be cleaned up in scope
    -- drop table @customertemp;
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