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    Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.0.2
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    Version 5.0.2 is a minor update to VistaDB 5 with fixes to issues discovered since the release of 5.0.  For a complete description of what's new in VistaDB 5 see What's New - Version 5.0.

    New Features In This Release



    Any attempt to set ANSI_PADDING in a SQL Script is parsed and ignored as the VistaDB engine doesn't implement non-ANSI padding and non-ANSI padding is deprecated in SQL Server.  Despite this, many auto-generated SQL Scripts by various SQL Tools will explicitly set this value to ON which previously caused a parsing failure in VistaDB.

    Data Migration Wizard

    Improved OleDbType mapping during migration process

    With the new Date-related datatypes supported in VistaDB 5 the default mapping from OleDB types has been improved.  It now maps OleDB Date to DateTime to catch the full possible range of values, DBDate to Date, DBTime to Time, and Filetime to DateTime2.


    Query Log Viewer

    Whenever a query is run in DataBuilder the detailed logging output of the VistaDB engine is captured and displayed.  This is particularly useful for identifying performance issues such as missing indexes since it will display the index choices made by the engine when parsing the query and warnings when temporary indexes are made or other performance-degrading situations are detected by the VistaDB optimizer.

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