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    DBA Sample Tool
    In This Topic
    The DBA Sample Tool is a complete DBA tool very similar to the Data Builder, but it includes the source and distribution rights. You may customize this sample for your company and ship it as a DBA tool for your customers administrators.

    Most business applications need some database admin tool for their tech support or on site administrator. Building that tool and making it able to perform just about any needed task for the database can often take as long as the actual desktop application! This tool provides a great base for any customer support tool you may need.

    Designed for Developers and Technical Support Staff

    The DBA Sample Tool is not intended as your end user application, or for data entry by end users.  Instead, it's designed for the development and support team to use to support your application in the field.  The DBA Sample Tool is able to perform almost all of the actions the Data Builder can, including packing and repairing databases. You can also use the Data view to quickly fix bad data entered by users, or to make quick fixes without writing a tool just for that purpose.

    Customizing the DBA Sample Tool

    Customizing the DBA sample is done using Visual Studio 2008 or higher. A central point to look at for customizing the settings is the Common.cs file in the project. It provides a single static Common class that contains most of the options you might want to change for your version of the application.

    We have heard from several customers that modifying the sample code to do what they wanted (usually remove functionality because they didn't want users to have all that power) was quite simple. Several customers have told us that this one sample was worth the entire purchase price compared to them building it themselves from a "free" database engine.

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