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In This Topic
    SQL Query Results
    In This Topic

    Results of execution (Lower Portion of pane)

    The lower portion of this pane is also divided into three tabs (after a SQL command is executed).


    Recently executed commands and the parser log of the execution.

    Execution Log

    The logging output of the VistaDB engine is displayed here.  This view shows how the query was optimized (including index selection) and can display warnings if there are problems with the commands or database.


    There may be more than 1 depending upon how many results your SQL command returns. This is the result of the most recent execution.

    The GO command from SQL Server is ONLY supported from within the Data Builder query pane. You cannot execute commands with GO against the actual database engine (just like SQL Server). The Data Builder splits apart queries with GO and executes them one at a time. Each query is then directed to a new output pane for showing the results.

    Saving Results

    Results can be exported to Excel or CSV format by selecting Save Current Results or Save All Results from the context menu on the Query tree node on the left.  Binary columns are not exported and for very large result sets the results may be truncated in Excel to prevent running into the maximum file sizes for an Excel file.

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