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    How To - Migrate from VistaDB to SQL Server
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    Writing Your Own Migration

    The best approach if you intend to perform multiple migrations from VistaDB to SQL Server is to build a feature into your application to copy the data up.  Under this approach you would:

    1. Create the schema in SQL Server: See Data Builder - Generate Schema Deployment Script for an easy way to create a single TSQL script that works with VistadB and SQL Server.
    2. Execute your custom database copy routine: If you can't copy your tables in foreign key order to ensure all foreign keys are satisfied then defer adding foreign keys from step 1 to step 3.
    3. Finalize the schema: If any foreign keys were deferred from step #1 then add them now that all data has been migrated.

    As a model for the database copy routine we suggest looking at ADO.NET Generic Copy Table Data Function

    SQL Server Integration Services

    VistaDB doesn't have a build-in tool or utility to upsize your data to SQL Server.  SQL Server 2012 includes the ability to import from an ADO.NET Provider which is sufficient for many use cases.  The VistaDB.6.dll assembly will have to be available on the client and the SQL Server where SSIS runs.

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