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    Getting Started - What's New - Version 5.2
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    New Features in This Release

    Export Schema for Source Control

    Data Builder can export the entire database schema to a collection of files and folders in a format optimized for committing to your favorite SCMS, such as git.  A single file is written per database object (like a table, view, or stored procedure).  Whenever you want to make a snapshot of your schema just export it again on top of the previous version and it will add new items, update the scripts for changed items, and delete items that are no longer present.  This approach is optimized for git, making it easy to see what's changed in the schema and pull the individual objects scripts to build a deployment script.

    For more information, see Data Builder - Export Schema as Scripts

    Round Trip Schema File

    Data Builder's Schema SQL Script generator now includes functions and stored procedures so the single script it generates can generate an entire database (except CLR Procs).  The scripting output has been updated to work with SQL Server and VistaDB so the same script can be used on either target.  Since the script will contain GO statements it should be executed in Data Builder or SSMS, not directly against an ADO.NET database connection.

    For more information, see Data Builder - Generate Schema Deployment Script.

    Data Migration Wizard Integrated with Data Builder

    Options to run the Data Migration Wizard are available directly in Data Builder to improve workflows and discoverability of Data Migration Wizard.

    Data Migration Wizard Stored Procedure & Function Support

    When migrating from a SQL Server database stored procedures and functions can be migrated to VistaDB.  An editor is presented during the migration to facilitate testing each stored procedure and function for VistaDB compatibility and correcting issues during the migration process.

    Data Builder Save Query Results to File

    When running queries directly in Data Builder the results can be saved in either Excel or CSV format.  Binary columns are dropped from the output.

    SELECT ... INTO Support

    VistaDB can now use the TSQL SELECT ... INTO Syntax to create a table and populate it directly from a query instead of requiring the table to be defined first.


    When bulk inserting records into a table that uses an identity PK, particularly from an external data source, VistaDB can now disable the Identity column generation so the rows use the same keys provided in the original data.  These keys still must be unique.  To support this the same syntax is used as SQL Server:

    Identity Insert
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    --INSERT records into [Table]

    Setting IDENTITY_INSERT ON only affects the active connection and does not affect any other connection or persist to a new connection.  Once the connection is closed IDENTITY_INSERT reverts to OFF. 

    Only one table can have IDENTITY_INSERT set ON at a time, as with SQL Server.

    Other Changes in This Release

    Column Caption Attribute Being Phased Out

    The column "Caption" attribute is unsupported (not saved in the database file) and has been marked obsolete since version 4.2.  The existing IVistaDBTableSchema.DefineColumnAttributes method included a "caption" argument.  A new overload has been added without the “caption” argument, and the original overload has now been marked obsolete (to cause a compiler warning) to encourage updating any references to use the new overload.  Code continuing to use the obsolete overload will continue to work the same way.  However, The obsolete overload with a "caption" argument and the obsolete IVistaDBColumnAttributes.Caption property could become a compiler error in a future minor version release, and will eventually be removed from the API in a future major version release.

    Defects Fixed in This Release


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    Data Migration Wizard

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