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    Data Builder Redistribution
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    Redistribution of the Data Builder

    The Data Builder is a core component of the VistaDB developer experience. We have added a number of third party controls to improve the usability and developer productivity in Data Builder. New are the color syntax highlighting, collapsible regions, search ability, tab support, and more. We also plan to add Intellisense in a future release.

    The Data Builder may not be redistributed with your applications, it is licensed to the same license as the developer design time license.

    An unbranded DBA Tool

    Most business applications need some database admin tool for their tech support or on site administrator. Building that tool and making it able to perform just about any needed task for the database can often take as long as the actual desktop application! This tool provides a great base for any customer support tool you may need.

    We provide a non branded simplified version of the Data Builder application as a sample (DBA Sample Tool). This sample includes the full source and ability to ship it with your apps as your DBA tool.

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