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    Getting Started - What's New - Version 6.4
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    .NET Framework 4.5.1 or Later Required:  VistaDB 6 does not support versions of .NET older than 4.5.1.  You will need to first upgrade your application to target .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later before upgrading to VistaDB 6.

    New Features in This Release

    .NET 6.0 Support

    The VistaDB NuGet packages now include builds for .NET 6.0. The build target for net5.0 is still provided in this version, but may go away in future releases because Microsoft ended support for .NET 5.0 on May 10, 2022.  .NET 6.0 is considered the Long Term Support version for this set of API's and applications targeting .NET 5.0 should be planning their migration to .NET 6.0 per Microsoft’s long-term support policy.

    AES256 Encryption

    VistaDB has used AES128 since version 5 to encrypt database pages when a password is specified to enable encryption.  Starting with version 6.4, VistaDB will now use AES256 to encrypt database pages for new databases.  VistaDB 6.4 will upgrade encrypted databases from AES128 to AES256 when a PackDatabase or RepairDatabase is performed. 

    Once an encrypted database is upgraded to AES256, it can't be opened by an older version of VistaDB.  The older version of VistaDB will report that the password is incorrect even when it is correct and not open the database.  The database will not be damaged by this attempt to open it.

    VistaDB 6.4 can open and write to VistaDB 6.* databases encrypted with AES128 and will not upgrade their encryption unless a PackDatabase or RepairDatabase is performed.

    Selecting Passwords for AES256

    While shorter passwords may still be used (particularly with a test database where security is not really a concern), a longer password with more “entropy” would be required—about double what was required with AES128—in order to actually provide the greater security.  For example, a Base64 encoding (or hexadecimal encoding) of 32 randomly-generated bytes (32 * 8 = 256).

    Performance of Encrypted Databases

    While AES256 itself is slightly slower than AES128, the way database pages are each encrypted as a block makes the overall performance impact of this change minimal—and likely negligible—compared with an AES128-encrypted database.

    The format for databases that are unencrypted (the default with VistaDB) is unchanged, so prior versions of VistaDB 6 are still interoperable with unencrypted databases created or updated by this version of VistaDB.

    Breaking Changes

    Fixes to the VistaDBConnection.GetSchema method for “tables” (see below) can result in different tables being returned. When the restrictionValues array argument specifies a tableType value of null (no restriction on tableType) or “SYSTEM_TABLE” and should include any system tables, the [database schema] system table was not being returned in error.  This defect has been fixed and the [database schema] will now be included.

    If the [database schema] system table is not desired in the returned collection, the tableType value at array index 3 in the restrictionValues argument can be specified as “BASE TABLE” to return only normal (non-system) tables.

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