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In This Topic
    In This Topic
    int DATEPART( datepart, date )

    Returns a character string of the requested part of the date.

    The following are valid datepart parameters:

    Datepart Abbreviations
    year yy, yyyy
    quarter qq, q
    month mm, m
    dayofyear dy, y
    day dd, d
    week wk, ww
    weekday dw, w (Sunday, Monday, etc)
    hour hh
    minute mi, n
    second ss, s
    millisecond ms


    Output: 1
    Output: 4
    Output: 2007
    SELECT DATEPART(year, '01/04/2007')
    SELECT DATEPART(day, '01/04/2007')
    SELECT DATEPART(month, '01/04/2007')
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