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    Mathematical Functions
    In This Topic
    The following are SQL math functions supported by VistaDB.

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    ABS - Absolute value of a number

    ACOS - Arc Cosine - Returns the angle (in radians) whose cosine is the given float.

    ASIN - Arc Sine

    ATAN - Arc Tangent

    ATN2 - This function returns ATAN(y/x) and is specific only to SQL Server. We have included it for compatibility purposes.

    CEILING - Ceiling returns the next highest value that is greater or equal to the input

    COS - Cosine

    COT - Cotangent

    DEGREES - Conversion routine for converting from RADIANS to DEGREES

    EXP - Returns the math constant e (~2.71828183) raised to the power of the number passed.

    FLOOR - Returns the largest integer less than or equal to the number input.

    FRAC - Returns the decimal part of a real number.

    INT - Returns the integer (whole) part of a real number.

    LOG - The natural logarithm of the input number.

    LOG10 - The base-10 logarithm of the input number.

    MAXOF - Selects the largest value in a math set.

    MINOF - Selects the smallest value in a math set.

    PI - Returns the value of PI.

    POWER - Returns the value of the input number to the given power (x^y).

    RADIANS - Given in input in degrees the function returns radians.

    RAND - Returns a random float value from 0-1

    ROUND - Rounds the number given to the specified number of decimal places.

    SIGN - Returns the positive, zero, or negative sign of the input value.

    SIN - Sine

    SQRT - Square Root

    SQUARE - Given a number returns the square of the input.

    TAN - Returns the tangent of the input value.


    Invalid operations will return NaN (Not a Number).