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    Sample Projects included with VistaDB
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    There's just no substitute for real code you can run on your own, play around with, and pick apart in the debugger.  VistaDB ships with code samples that demonstrate most usage patterns and scenarios you might have.  All of this code is free for you to modify and even incorporate into your own applications.  That said, note that in many cases production-level error handling and security hardening is left out for brevity and clarity of the sample.

    Where are the Samples?

    When the installation runs they are copied to the Windows All Users Public Documents folder - typically here:

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\VistaDB 6

    On Windows 7 and later you can usually browse under the Documents libraries and see a folder labeled Public Documents that is a shortcut to this area.

    Unit Tests

    If you want to see examples of specific usage scenarios of VistaDB - like calling a stored procedure, inserting data, packing a database, or creating a database in code - a great place to start would be the Unit Tests that are shipped with the sample code.  The Unit Tests are located in:

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\VistaDB 6\UnitTests

    You will need NUnit to run these tests.  For more information on getting started, see Running VistaDB Unit Tests.

    Data Access Technology Samples

    To help demonstrate different data access technologies there are a set of simple sample applications that just focus on the mechanics of data access. 

    Sample Applications

    DBA Tool - A simplified version of Data Builder that you can customize and deploy with your application for Database Administration tasks.

    Ticket System Sample - Sample ticket system for a small business to respond to customer trouble tickets.

    Employee Timesheet Sample - Example website for tracking employee time spent on projects.

    Help Search Sample - Example website showing how to use the Full Text Search capabilities in VistaDB.

    Running the Samples

    All of the samples target .NET 4.0 and will work with Visual Studio 2010 through 2015.  Each needs to be compiled before it can be used.

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