VistaDB 6
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    VistaDB Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassProvides contextual information about the trigger that was fired.
    ClassUsed to mark a method definition in an assembly as a CLR Proc. The properties on the attribute reflect the physical characteristics used when the type is registered with VistaDB. This class cannot be inherited.
    ClassContext of CLR Proc and triggers
    ClassDDA context of CLR Proc and triggers
    ClassSQL context of CLR Proc and triggers
    InterfaceRepresents a boxed data value with a particular type but not necessarily associated with a column of a table or of a result set.
    EnumerationEvent to fire table level trigger. Used by the VistaDB.TriggerContext class to indicate what action fired the trigger.
    EnumerationThe sort of result created by CLR Proc. This value is recognized by SQL parser to treat the method respectively
    EnumerationThe database open mode
    EnumerationVistaDB 4 data types
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